The Benefits of Live Music in Restaurants and Coffee Shops

The Benefits of Live Music in Restaurants and Coffee Shops

When you visit a restaurant, you may not even notice that there is probably music playing in the background. There is psychology behind the playing of music in restaurants and coffee shops. It creates a good vibe and puts people at ease. Live music has some specific benefits. Yes, there are people who don’t enjoy live music, but they generally tend to stay away from places where this is the norm. Live music is great for both the clientele and the business. Here’s why:

1. It creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere. People go out to relax and forget about their jobs and long days. Live music helps to create the best environment to do this. It relaxes you, gets some beat into your body and releases happy hormones.

2. It takes people on a journey. Music has the power to take you on a journey to unknown and beautiful places. Music can completely transport you to another time and place where everything is beautiful, peaceful, and romantic. Or where everything is a big party and lots of fun. Either way, music is ideal for an evening getaway when a holiday is out of the question.

3. It creates a social vibe. Music can help clientele mingle and meet new people. It tends to create an atmosphere of familiarity and freedom. When people are relaxed and don’t feel threatened or judged, they are more likely to talk to new people and possibly make life-long friends. Throw in a relaxed grilling atmosphere and you really have a winner.

4. Live music helps people escape. There is no better escape than just letting go and emerging yourself in the music. After a long day or a crappy experience, the best remedy is good food and some live music to take you away.

Live music draws more clientele who are looking for a fun or relaxing night out. This combined with all of the benefits mentioned above makes it a winning choice for any coffee shop or restaurant.

And if you own your own restaurant, coffee shop or bar, live music can really help boost your revenues. See, when people are listing to music, they tend to eat and drink more simply because they are relaxed and enjoying their time.

Not only that, many musicians have their own groups of followers. Meaning, they can bring you customers that are looking to see their favorite local celebrity. And if the band or musician you hire has a decent following, just the amount of people they bring can help offset any type of cost you take on when hiring performers.

In fact, you can even go the route of splitting the profits with the band or performers. This takes all the risk off of you and places it on the performers. Simply say you won’t guarantee them any salary, rather you’ll give them 10% or whatever of the bar takings for the night.

This will motivate them to do their part on trying to bring in more customers since the more customers they do bring in means more money for them as well. So it ends up being a win-win for all involved!