Music Genres You Should Combine with Your Meals

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Music Genres You Should Combine with Your Meals

A study was done to see how people react when they listen to certain types of music while eating. The researcher found some interesting results. This is obviously a general suggestion, but it can’t hurt to try it out. If you are hardcore all the way or indie all the way, by all means, keep at it. Or play some rock and roll and pair it with BBQ grilling. We share these interesting findings because, well, it’s interesting.

You should play Indie music when eating Indian foodIndie rock music is your best option when eating Indian. The faster beats help to bring out the spiciness of Indian cuisine and make you enjoy that meal so much more.

Dessert deserves some R&B. The researcher found that R&B is best to go with that delicious molten lava cake or that mouth-watering crème brulé or even just a nice bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce. Just imagine that soulful sounds and singing accompanying your taste buds’ delicious journey through your dessert.

Sushi likes jazz music. Jazz music is the perfect genre to eat your salmon sushi, California rolls, and fashion sandwiches to. It is chilled and mellow and will make your dining experience so much better. Try it out.

Try some pop music when you eat Chinese food. Whether it is K-pop or other types of pop music, it goes best with Chinese food. You will enjoy your sweet and sour pork or chicken chow mein so much more when accompanied with some pop beats. We suggest mixing it up with as many styles and languages you can find. It seems fitting to try some K-pop and Chinese pop while enjoying some Eastern cuisine.

You should eat breakfast while listening to soul music. Start your day with some smooth soul sounds to set the mood for a great and positive day. Soul music is perfect to enjoy your breakfast by and to get you in the right state of mind for your day ahead.

These seem legit, but we suggest you try it yourself. Maybe do some music and food matching research of your own. Let us know what you find.